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Name: Lady from the 1890´s


Commemorating the Second Schleswig War 1864
05-12-2013 af Dorte Meiling Nielsen
In 2014 it is 150 years ago since Denmark lost severely in the battle at Dybbøl in the Second Schleswig War between Denmark and Germany/Prussia. PaperDreams has made a paperdoll commemorating this. It har been given the title "Faith, hope and love". You find it in the category Paperdolls - fictive historical persons.

Kierkegaard - congratulations!
03-05-2013 af Dorte Meiling Nielsen
The famous Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard has 200 years birthday here in 2013. For this occasion PaperDreams has made Kierkegaard as a paperdoll in collage style with costumes representing some of the characters he describe.

Queen Margrethe I
03-05-2013 af Dorte Meiling Nielsen
The danish queen Margrethe 1 is now available as a paperdoll n A-4 format or as a postcard. You find her in the category "Paperdolls" - "Real historical persons" og "Cards" - "Paperdoll cards".

Circus Arena
30-01-2013 af Dorte Meiling Nielsen
PaperDreams goes to circus and has created two paperdolls of the Danish circus family Berdino who owns Circus Arena. The director, Benny Berdino, and his wife, Hanne have costumes illustrating the circus dynasty. See them in the category "PaperDolls" - "Various". The paperdolls have been shown in the magazine "PaperDoll Studio" as front- and backcover.

Niels Ebbesen
24-05-2012 af Dorte Meiling Nielsen
The Danish hero Niels Ebbesen as a paperdoll with several medieval costumes. See him in the category Products - Paperdolls - Real historical persons.